AsciiDocLIVE ( is a full-featured online AsciiDoc editor.

Main features:

AsciiDocLIVE Demo


PDF and image viewer for the Linux framebuffer. It is very fast and has a number of advanced and unique features including:


Simple reparenting, non-compositing X window manager that demonstrates how to implement the fundamental functionality of a window manager. It serves as a pedagogical example for my blog series, How X Window Managers Work, And How To Write One.

bash-command-timer / fish-command-timer

bash / fish shell extension for printing timing information for each command line executed. After the execution of each command line, the script prints out the total execution time (up to millisecond precision), followed by the current time. The execution time is formatted to be human readable; e.g., 2h 7m 42s301.


A Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) library for Python.


Chrome Web Store
Firefox Add-Ons

Browser extension for controlling the user agent identity reported by your browser, allowing for instance to view the mobile version of a website on your computer.